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01. February 2019

California almond crop 2018

Until March 2019, the crop yield of 2019 can still be reported. However, according to the current state of knowledge and the experiences of the last years, in California it looks like the forecast of 2018’s crop is unlikely to be reached.

One possible cause for the low crop yields could be the frosty temperatures in spring 2018.

The prices for Californian almonds have already increased slightly and according to current estimates they will continue to climb higher. Should sales and demand for Californian almonds continue as before it is expected that it will lead to a short-term undersupply.

The new quantities from the 2019 harvest will come at the earliest into the market in October 2019.

European almonds – The kick-off for the upcoming season

The conditions for the upcoming almond season look very good. Extensive rainfall and sufficient quantities of snow in the mountains fill the water supplies and secure the water system for the new season. The almond blossom and thus the kick-off for the upcoming season is expected in mid-February.

Almond oil from Europe

The European market for almond oil is currently very stable. However, it is obvious that the demand for European almond oil is very high as many buyers do not want to use imported goods from the USA. If demand continues to improve we expect the price structure for almond oil of European origin to increase slightly.

Australian almond crop in February

Almond cultivation in Australia is becoming increasingly important. Especially, exports to China and other eastern countries are steadily increasing. The 2019 harvest starts in February compared to the European and Californian cultivation areas. This year’s harvest is estimated about 95,000 tons of almonds. Compared to California, this is a small crop size but the contracyclical harvest period may help that Australian almonds will provide a good alternative for late summer demand.

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