Almonds – a frosty blossoming period

16. March 2018

An almond update from California

The unexpected frost at the start of the Californian blossoming period was quite unsettling for farmers in the growing regions. But the weather seems to have recovered, and the ice is thawing. We saw many photos of frozen almond flowers in the media during the early stages of the current blossoming period.

Did the frost damage the blossoms?

We don’t know for sure yet. According to first expert estimates, around 20% of the almond blossoms have been damaged. The real extent of the damage will become clear over the next six to eight weeks.

Don’t forget to plan for tomorrow!

Many buyers have already covered their volumes for 2018 as a result of the frost. This allows them to avoid further speculation and uncertainty. The high demand has driven up the prices in California considerably. We have been witnessing extremely high export levels in March. More than 90% of the packaging and export companies are fully booked.

An almond update from Italy and Spain

In the European growing regions, the blossoming season of the almonds has been going smoothly. Italy and Spain are celebrating their traditional almond blossom festivals. We will keep you updated about all further developments. At the end of the day, only the well-informed will be in a position to make sensible decisions. For more information and ideas about almond oil and almond protein, check out our BLOG.

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