Almond season – update from the source

15. March 2018

Almonds from California

The Californian almond season started early this year. Imagine great weather, beautiful blue skies, plenty of bees and stunning almond plantations in full bloom. And then, the frost came. It brought temperatures that had not been felt in the Californian growing regions in a long time. Especially the blossoms of the early varieties did not get through the cold weather unscathed. According to current estimates, around 10–20% of the blossoms have been damaged by the frost. The cold temperatures and frost have also slowed down the blossoming cycle. Those flower buds that are still closed will survive the freezing conditions easily. Meteorologists have forecast a rise in temperatures over the coming days. This should wake the blossoming cycle from its torpor and get the bees back to work, too.

Italy and Spain

While northern Italy also went through a second winter, the almond bloom in southern Italy and Spain has been going smoothly. Sicily is already celebrating the blossoms: Mandorlo in fiore For more information and ideas about almond oil and almond protein, check out our BLOG. 

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