Almond oil… Why go far away? When the good is so near!

10. September 2014

Applying this motto for our basics, the team of OPW Ingredients GmbH, our strategic partners A & A Fratelli Parodi and Parodi Nutra are positively looking forward to the upcoming future. Based on the excellent network, intense relationships and the proximity to our growing partners and farmer cooperatives in Italy and Spain we have the possibility to source the highest qualities of almonds, directly on our doorstep! As a direct result we are not dependent on the supply chain of raw materials out of the United States / Californian growing areas. Together with our strategic partners, we are traveling on a regular basis in the European regions and invested for decades in the existing relations with the local farmers. Although, the available amounts from the European growing areas are not sufficient to compensate the deficiency of the Californian growing regions, the quantities of high quality Almonds which are available in Europe are substantial enough to support supplies to the international markets we currently serve and continue to develop. Spain has a current growing area of approximately 620,000 hectares and is currently the world's third-largest growing area for high quality almonds. Though it is too early to make an exact estimate, we should certainly expect an output which will not be less than previous year. In comparison the acreage in Italy is, with about 70,000 hectares, much smaller than Spain but the qualities of the harvested nuts recent years crops are excellent to use the almond for further processing into high-quality almond oil and almond flour. More informations under OPW-Flour The already retracted quantities and the quality of the new crop Almonds looks very good and is ideally suited for further processing to almond oil and almond flour. Our main focus is still on the quality and purity of the products offered by us. In summary, we are of the firm opinion that high quality nuts do need not be transported from overseas growing regions to the European production facilities, at great costs. The origin of our high quality Almond oil is right on our / your doorstep! Besides these commercial and cost influences there are also increasingly the environmental aspects which play an important role. In this respect OPW and her strategic partners work hard on the reduction of CO ² emissions. We include this in our effort and develop our supply chain of high quality raw materials accordingly. Where we can, we source and process locally! Beyond a shadow of doubt the single most important items for sourcing and producing European almonds and almond oil are: QUALITY, FRESHNESS and the PURITY of the final product! More informations under OPW-quality BLOG and OPW-quality homepage We are keen to highlight this quality aspect, where the availability is limited and the demand for almond oil continues to increase consistently. Our objective, independent analysis and a transparent quality management is coupled with an open and modern communication. This builds trust in the supply chain, where we guarantee the integrity of the product from the origin in the European growing areas to the final customers. In addition to our own internal QA/QC laboratories we also work with independent, external laboratories to further strengthen the basis of trust and confidence in the supply chain. These truly objective analysis reports provide reliable test results which are strictly in conformance with the agreed international standards and specified qualities. This confidence is extended from the growing partners, to nut processors and above all to our customers. We regularly bring customers and our manufacturing partners together on quality audits and in doing so we jointly approve the production and sourcing processes. Our doors are always open! In cooperation and in the regular exchange with our local strategic partners we use these opportunities to supply our business partners with freshly produced material, according to the FIFO principle (first in - first out) according the agreed specifications and qualities. OPW Ingredients GmbH and its highly motivated TEAM work with passion and a total conviction for offering quality. We guarantee the highest degree of responsibility for the products we produce and sell. Especially in the area of almond cultivation we have to deal with a lot of changes. Australia, for example, has advanced to the 2nd largest growing region during the past years. For the ongoing supply and demand evaluation we will invest a considerable amount of time in establishing new growing areas on the European continent in order to prevent problems in the supply chain before they will arise. Today, despite to a worldwide shortage, we are covered with enough material to fulfill our contractual requirements. We are ready to supply freshly produced Almond oil refined Ph Eur 8.0 in accordance with the agreed quality parameters. We encourage full contact cover for your requirements and look forward to receive your request for the new period and 2016. We will continue to develop new sources with cooperatives and planting regions, especially in Iran and Turkey for the coming future and we will do everything that will be necessary to grow as a sustainable and long term supply chain partner for our customers. Of course, we do not only focus on the nut oils discussed here, but also on other specialities such as apricot kernel oil, castor oil, castor oil derivatives, skincare oil, sebacic acid, the world of organic oils and gourmet oils, vegetable oils in general, and proteins and whey products. The OPW Ingredients team is looking forward to receiving your requests and advising you with its long-standing experience.

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