Market overview – flours and proteins

12. September 2018

Chia seed flour

Chia seed flour is naturally vegan and gluten-free. Its excellent binding properties make it popular for thickening sauces. You can also use the flour as a vegan egg substitute in bread and cake dough recipes. Athletes and those keen on eating healthily appreciate chia seed flour as a good source of protein and valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They simply mix it into their smoothies, shakes or breakfast cereal.

We have good availability of conventional and organic chia seed flour. Please get in touch for samples and prices. The price for both grades is currently stable.

Linseed flour

Gold linseed flour is primarily used in baked goods. Its excellent swelling properties make it a popular egg substitute. Besides its typical use in baking, it is an increasingly widespread ingredient of muesli and protein bars.

The availability of linseed flour has been somewhat limited during the past months. Now that this problem has been solved, we have good availability of both grades at stable prices.

Almond protein

Almond protein has been extremely popular in 2018. It is a true all-rounder among vegetable proteins. The product is frequently used as an ingredient in baked goods, energy bars and vegan substitutes for cheese or meat and as a protein source in mueslis, smoothies and shakes.

Almond protein is also beneficial in cosmetic products, where it is used as an exfoliant for the face and body. 

At the moment, we have extremely limited availability of conventional and biological almond protein. This is due to high demand for almond protein combined with low demand for almond oil. The imbalance in demand prevents us from accepting further orders at the moment, unless the order also includes almond oil.

The prices for both qualities have been on the rise since the start of the year. It remains to be seen whether the price structures of almond oil and almond protein change in the near future. We still await the final harvest figures for almonds, too.

Pumpkin seed protein

Our pumpkin seed protein boasts a protein content of 65%, ranking third after our best-known protein boosters, pea protein and rice protein. The high-quality protein is a popular ingredient in bread and pasta dough thanks to its characteristic, nutty flavour, low carbohydrate content and large amount of protein. It is frequently used in ready-to-drink protein shakes.

We currently have good availability of both grades of pumpkin seed protein, organic and conventional. Prices rose slightly over the course of the past months but have stabilised by now.

Sesame protein

Sesame protein is gluten-free and completely vegan. Its characteristic flavour makes it a popular ingredient in baked goods. It considerably increases the protein content of any product, as it consists of 50–55% protein itself, and contains all essential amino acids. Thanks to this excellent nutritional profile, it is often used in smoothies and vegan sports shakes.

We have good availability of both grades, conventional and organic. Prices are stable.

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