Evening primrose oil for internal and external use

21. October 2018

When it gets dark, the evening primrose unfolds its blossoms and glows in the moonlight. It exudes an unmistakable fragrance. Our unique, high-quality evening primrose oil is always cold-pressed from the seeds of the plant.  While the hot-pressing process is cheaper, it also destroys important substances contained in the oil. Make sure you always check what quality oil you are buying.

How does evening primrose oil affect human health?

Evening primrose oil is said to have plenty of great health benefits. It allegedly strengthens the immune system, lowers cholesterol levels, restores hormonal balance and keeps inflammation at bay. These properties make evening primrose oil a popular dietary supplement, which is often taken in the form of capsules. 

The anti-inflammatory effect of evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil derives its anti-inflammatory effect from gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA). This tri-unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid is also contained in borage oil and hemp oil. It supports the nervous transmission of stimuli to the brain. The essential fatty acid is also a precursor of multiple tissue hormones that inhibit inflammation and the production of cholesterol. They are crucial to the human body.

Evening primrose oil for dry, itchy skin

Evening primrose oil has positive effects on neurodermatitis and the sensory neuropathy of diabetic patients. Treatment with it can alleviate or even heal many symptoms. Externally, evening primrose oil can be applied directly or as a cream or lotion to sore, dry and chapped skin to relieve discomfort.

Great for pets

Did you know? Evening primrose oil is not just beneficial to human health. The oil is also used in dog food. The same goes for hemp oil and borage oil. For more information, read our blog entry on natural animal feed.

Are you interested in evening primrose oil?

Our sales team will be happy to inform you about the prices and availability of our different types of evening primrose oil. Simply get in touch – in person or by e-mail.

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