Castor oil as a natural cosmetic and pharmaceutical product

26. November 2018

Castor oil, the oil of the ‘wonder tree’, is a versatile, natural product. We offer the following grades:

Pharmaceutical castor oil is used to treat and prevent wrinkles, spots and stretch marks; it is also a natural laxative.

Treating spots, pigmentation spots and age spots with castor oil

Castor oil contains linolic acid, which has a potent anti-inflammatory effect. The oil reaches the deep layers of the skin to soothe and even heal various skin conditions, bacterial infections and spots.

Treating wrinkles and stretch marks with castor oil

Castor oil has the excellent ability to reach the deeper layers of the skin and stimulate collagen production. This makes pharmaceutical castor oil a great, natural anti-wrinkle product. The oil also leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple, making it a wonderful base oil for skincare products aimed at mothers who want to prevent or treat stretch marks.

Castor oil as a natural laxative

Unlike synthetic laxatives, castor oil is completely natural. It takes effect within just a few hours. This is due to the ricinoleic acid contained in the oil, which stimulates the digestive system to alleviate constipation.

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