Are the almonds in danger? Wildfires in California

21. November 2018

Wildfires in California

Just this past August, two wildfires in California destroyed an area of around 1,150 square kilometres. The ‘Ranch and River fires’ merged near Mendocino, turning into the largest and most catastrophic blaze in the history of California.

In November, the disaster continued: after several areas in the north of the state, the south of California also went up in flames. The new fire, dubbed ‘Camp Fire’, spread across an area of 44,000 hectares within days. Large parts of the country are suffering from air pollution and smoke generated by the fire.

Climate change and its consequences

According to a recent study, longer and more severe dry periods in the summer and rainier winters are likely to occur in California. This will cause droughts and floods, respectively.
Since 2012, California has been struggling with frequent water shortages.

These droughts lead to repeated wildfires that destroy forests and agricultural areas.

Future developments

We cannot currently predict the impact of climate change on the almond harvest in California. Of course, we will keep you abreast of all news.

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