Almonds – the new harvest season

15. August 2018

Nonpareil almonds from California

This year’s harvest of Nonpareil almonds, the most common almond variety in California, has already begun. Unlike other varieties, Nonpareil almonds are easily blanched when soft. They are suitable for nearly any food-related purpose. This type of almonds also yields a higher percentage of produce after blanching.

As the new harvest season gets underway, we are hearing wildly different information from the farmers. Some complain about losses caused by parasites and enduring night frosts in spring. Others report good results.

Experience has taught us that information becomes more reliable after the first two weeks of the harvest. This means that we cannot draw accurate conclusions as of yet.

Of course, we will keep you updated about all further developments.
The reports will become more uniform during the third and fourth week, and we will be able to make an estimate based on the actual yields then.

The calm before the storm in Spain and Italy

Italy and Spain are enjoying the proverbial calm before the storm: in the European growing regions, the summer holidays last throughout August.

The local farmers are expecting record harvests this year. Professional associations have forecast a 12–15% increase from the last year.

We are very excited about the start of this year’s almond harvest and will keep you updated on all market developments and the state of the European growing regions, which are the most important sources for the global markets.

Australia joins the top 3 global almond-growing regions

Australia has firmly established itself as one of the top three global almond-growing regions. The Australian harvest runs from February until April; its schedule is opposite to that of its Californian and European counterparts.

So far, no official yield volumes have been published, but estimates amount to around 80,000 tons of almonds.

If you have any other questions or comments, the OPW Ingredients GmbH team will be happy to assist you at any time. We look forward to the new season and to hearing from you.

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