Almond oil – well-being inside and out

05. July 2018

Almond oil has been a permanent fixture in many recipes for quite some years – both in cosmetics and the kitchen. The versatile oil is extracted by cold-pressing ripe almonds. It frequently undergoes a refining process as a second production step.

Both the cold-pressed and refined version have many different uses. The cold-pressed oil is especially popular for culinary purposes, as its mild and sweet flavour is great as a salad dressing and for steaming vegetables.

The cosmetic industry prefers the refined version, which boasts the following benefits:

  • It moisturises the skin and prevents dry patches
  • It has a cooling, analgesic effect that relieves tension
  • It is very similar to the oil produced in the human skin, which helps the skin cells absorb its valuable minerals especially effectively
  • It alleviates brittle hair and split ends.

In the kitchen, almond oil is primarily used in cold dishes, as heat can destroy some of its beneficial ingredients. Its sweet flavour goes very well with various types of salads and vegetables and makes the oil a great ingredient for baked goods and desserts.

Market information

The almond harvest has not come to an end just yet, but it is already apparent that the yields will be better than anticipated. This gives us great availability. We will be happy to advise you and help you cover your requirements. 

The following grades are available: 

  • Almond oil, organic cold-pressed
  • Almond oil, organic refined
  • Almond oil, cold-pressed
  • Almond oil, refined
  • Almond oil, refined Ph Eur

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