Market Preview

29. November 2016

Almond oil

After the successful almond harvest, the prices lowered and are currently at a very intersting price level. Refined and cold pressed almond oil is promptly available both in conventional as well as in organic quality. We recommend covering your needs. Just get in touch with us!            

Walnut oil

Not only the almond harvest, but also the walnuts were also very productive this year. The prices have relaxed and we also have products available in large quantities. Your contact partner at OPW will be happy to inform you of our current prices.  

Avocado oil

The price for avocado oil has risen sharply in recent months due to the strong demand and the limited availability. We have refined conventional products available for you now in all container sizes. Considering a short lead time, we can also provide you with cold pressed and organic quality.  

Black cumin seed oil

After the poor availability and the high prices in 2015, the situation has largely relaxed again. The prices and availabilities have again settled at a normal level. We have cold pressed conventional and organic material available and waiting for you.  

Mango Butter

The price for mango butter has fallen since mid-2015 and has been at a consistent level since this year. We have refined mango butter available for you in sufficient quantities.     

Wheat germ oil

The price for refined wheat germ oil is always at a constant price level and the products are easily available. Through our close partnership with our producers, we offer you an attractive price level and constant availability with consistently high quality.     

Pea protein 80%

The negative trend in exchange rates has an impact on the prices of pea protein. We at OPW have secured quantities in time to be able to still provide you with conventional and organic quality at an interesting level.

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