Oil Protein Whey

Oil Protein Whey

Oil Protein Whey

Oil Protein Whey

Our products

Our product range consists of vegetable specialties, such as oils and fats, proteins and whey products. They are used for various applications in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and feed industry.

Success at TOP 100

For the 25th time TOP 100 awards the most innovative corporations out of all medium sized enterprises in Germany.This year, OPW is one of those leading companies. >>

Transportplanung für die Feiertage

Unsere Versand- und Logistikabteilung wird vom 24.12.2018 – 04.01.2019, aufgrund der bevorstehenden Weihnachtsfeiertage und unserer Jahresinventur geschlossen. Um Lieferengpässe zu vermeiden, möchten wir Sie bitten uns Ihre Bedarfe für alle Anlieferungen im In- und Ausland für die KW 52/2018 bis 02/2019 bis spätestens 17.12.2018 mitzuteilen >>

Our own oil presses

In March 2017, we moved from our old site in Viersen-Mackenstein to our new production facilities in Niederkrüchten-Dam. >>

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OPW Ingredients GmbH OPW Ingredients GmbH
OPW Ingredients GmbH is an advanced corporation,that is constantly focused on renewable
raw materials and sets high standards on quality and service. >>