Winter Special – Care for Your Skin

31. December 2015

The cold temperatures and unsettled time of the year are taxing on our skin. Dry air from heating systems, cold winds and damp, cold weather can dry out our skin so quickly. On days like these, wellness for the soul and body is as simple as soaking in a hot bathtub and relaxing away. Just pamper your skin in a bath of walnut oil. Treat your head and hair to a massage of pure olive oil. After a relaxing bath or hot shower, indulge yourself and your hair with yet another care package of shea butter. The body butter melts into the skin, giving it moisture and elasticity. It is a highly intensive and effective care product for dry skin. Try it out and give yourself a treat. At OPW Ingredients, you can find everything you need for a rejuvenating bath and for your personal skin care. These oils have especially high levels of linseed oils and fats and are highly skin-compatible, making them especially suitable for effective care of your skin and for giving your skin a silky feel. OPW serves customers worldwide and feels right at home in the world of proteins, wheys, oils and the service culture. Highly qualified teams, a strong focus on our customers' needs and the dedication to deliver the best possible service to our most precious resource, our customers, are what make OPW an innovative, sincere and modern-thinking enterprise. Our product focus besides the whey and proteins is geared towards our vegetable oils; Almond oil, Walnut oil, Apricot kernel oil, Castor oil, Castor oil derivatives, Sesame oil, MCT oil, oils for personal care, Sebacic acid and the world of organic and gourmet oils. If you are interested in our oils, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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