03. December 2015

The introduction of our guar gum powder into the European market was the main focus of the last two days of the FIE trade fair. As of now, OPW Ingredients GmbH offers an extensive range of guar gum powder that meet all the requirements for a natural thickening agent, stabiliser, emulsifier and texture improvement agent for food products and fulfil a wide variety of applications in the food industry. With this latest addition to our superfood range, the palette of natural raw materials is almost complete! Thanks to our traceable supply chain from the RUCHI Group, our strategic partners at the source, all the way to the end consumer, we can rest assured that our customers' quality requirements are being met throughout the entire process. What makes our guar gum special? OPW has been working together with the globally well-known RUCHI Group for several years. Made from the endosperm of guar beans, our guar gum is especially finely ground. It is a white to off-white, almost odourless powder with a light, mild bean aroma. Our guar gum powder consists predominantly of guaran, a carbohydrate that can absorb a lot of water and is very popular in the food industry. RUCHI processes this annual legume at its source in India, and the OPW TEAM brings these products to the North European markets. How is our guar gum used?Guar gum is primarily used as an emulsifier and thickening agent in different food products. It has a neutral odour and flavour and can be used as a binding agent in baking, for jam and jelly, soup, salad dressing, sauce, syrup, juice and dairy products. The guar gum offered by OPW Ingredients GmbH will predominantly contribute to:

  • The production of healthy food products containing this gluten-free thickening agent, stabiliser, emulsifier and texture improvement agent
  • Supporting innovative new developments
  • Increasing the use of natural, renewable raw materials
  • Ensuring sustainability
  • Improving durability
  • Increasing production efficiency
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving the value creation of your products

OPW Ingredients GmbH and the RUCHI Group in India have been working together as a committed team in order to meet a diverse range of requirements and standards from the various areas of application. Mr. van Zoggel, Head of the Food Products Division at OPW Ingredients GmbH, has summarised the market introduction as follows: "In the course of our campaign, "THAT'S INSIDE", we rely on close, particularly transparent cooperation with our customers and our partner, RUCHI, and build bridges to our farming and production partners at the source. We are constantly working together to establish and expand a reliable and trustworthy supply chain“. OPW Ingredients GmbH is your trusted partner for guar gum of the highest quality. Together, we can work on product innovations and solutions to meet your individual requirements. In keeping true to our company motto, "Simple things done well!®“, we offer guar gum at an outstanding quality together with RUCHI, in order to contribute to better value creation and product quality in your respective industry and area of application!  

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