Proteins and healthy fats for your perfect body

27. January 2016

An increasing number of people all over the world are suffering from obesity – but why? The answer is simple! Due to stress in their professional and personal lives, people no longer have the time to cook healthy food. After all, standing by the stove and stirring fresh ingredients around a pan is way too hard after a hard day's work. Instead, we heat up a frozen pizza, microwave a ready-made meal, or grab a take-away from the fast food shop next door. But doing yourself and your body a favour is not as hard as you might think, and it doesn’t take that much time, either. Let us give you a brief overview of some products that will help you reach your desired body shape in a healthy way: Our sesame protein is an exciting source of protein and a great ingredient for baking mixtures, cereals, and smoothies. What’s special about our sesame protein is its high protein content of up to 55 g / 100 g. Find out more about sesame protein from our blog! Our rice protein comes in an organic and a conventional quality. It is free of lactose and gluten, making it a good alternative to the common whey protein concentrates (WPC). Besides its high protein content of at least 80 % and its low carbohydrate content of approximately 0.1 %, our rice protein is also distinguished by a balanced amino acid profile. Find out more about rice protein from our blog! Both products can simply be stirred into your morning cereal or yoghurt – for a high-protein start to your day. But let us not forget our high-quality cold-pressed oils over all the protein. They contain a lot of polysaturated fats, which are very important for the human body. Not only do roasted walnut oil and linseed oil taste outstanding, they can also be mixed into a bowl of quark very easily. At lunchtime, skip the yoghurt dressing and put some extra-virgin olive oil in your salad instead – and your body will get the essential fats it needs. Of course, there are many other recipes that can be refined with sesame oil, peanut oil, hazelnut oil, or even avocado oil. Try and experiment, and get to know the world of vegetable oils. Besides whey and proteins, our product focus is on oils, such as our almond oil, walnut oil, apricot kernel oil, castor oil, castor oil derivatives, skin care oils, sebacic acid, the world of organic oils and gourmet oils and the vegetable oils in general. Get in touch with us any time to receive samples and specifications. Our highly motivated team is looking forward to your enquiries and suggestions.

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