Plant-based protein sources for a health-conscious life

23. April 2016

Following a good and healthy start of the year, we would like to keep you updated about our exciting products. Especially during the periods after trade fairs such as Biofach or BioWest, terms such as “low-carb”, “healthy living”, “high-protein”, and “vegan” are on everybody’s lips in the food industry. To make sure we do not miss anything and keep our eyes firmly on our healthy products, we would like to remind you of our premium proteins and oil flours. You can use these products for a wealth of different purposes: refine your breakfast cereal or yoghurt, add them to various baked goods, or enhance the flavours of your savoury dishes while adding many essential nutrients at the same time. The sky is the limit. We particularly recommend the following long-term favourites: Rice protein: Vegan proteins are becoming increasingly interesting amidst large quantities of whey-based products. Our rice proteins have a protein content of up to 80% and can easily be integrated into your diet without any noticeable changes to the flavour of your meals. Pea protein: Pea protein follows closely behind rice protein. It is another high-quality product that has become a staple ingredient in many vegan protein blends produced by large, renowned companies. To avoid an excessively “green” taste, it is frequently used in protein shakes or smoothies with different flavours. Hemp protein:Hemp protein is the third member of our vegan top three. It has already become somewhat of a classic among the new protein sources and is found in many food supplements or as an individual product on the supermarket shelf. Its applications are very versatile and particularly attractive to vegans. In addition to these three vegan alternatives, we also offer a large number of oil flours and proteins – simply have a look at our product list. We will be happy to help you find the most suitable protein for your personal requirements and/or those of your final product. Simply get in touch and let us contribute all our expertise to your search for the perfect product.

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