Oil press cake and vegetable proteins: So much more than just a diet product!!!

08. August 2014

Better living!!! Biomaterials, Minerals and Micronutrient, our life Elixir

Applications for press cakes: Diabetic products, dietary supplement, bakery mixture, increaser of nutritional values in food, feed, fertilizer   In our latest articles and market reports for flours and proteins our main focus was given to the important ingredient protein and its benefit for our body and organism. It is well known, that protein is very important and essential to increase muscles and has a benefit on our immune system. BUT our almond flour and prickly pear flour, just to mention two from our range, are a benefit for our wellbeing and metabolism. The main raison for this attitude is, that these products have a high content of the very important and essential minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium as well as the micronutrient ferric. This stands in good contrast to industrial meals which we are using in generally for baking or to produce other daily sins. At the milling process of the corn approximately ¾ of the important minerals will be destroyed. The following list will show you, how “empty” these ingredients are: Mineralstoffverlust_Oelpresskuchen Now you could think”nice, but what and where is the problem?” It is very important to know, that the human body needs 45 biomaterials to live. And the mentioned above are one of the most important. To sum up: Our metabolism is just able to work well and we are only able to achieve our maximum and feel in generally good if all the 45 biomaterials are adequately supplied. Our press cakes as the almond flour and prickly pear flour have a high amount of all the mentioned minerals inside. Spezialitaeten_vs_WeizenmehlAlright! But what is the value of these ingredients?


Calcium for healthy bones - One of the current civilization diseases is Osteoporosis. But with the medical level in our civilization and the opportunity to test out how much calcium is in our body, theoretically nobody should have osteoporosis anymore. With an adequate supplementation of calcium, thanks to the healthy foods or medical supplements, everyone can increase their bone density and ensures violations. Calcium has also a very interesting benefit to ensure or cure sun allergies and allergies in generally. The main reason for this property is that calcium inhibits the release of histamine in our organism. Another positive affect of calcium is its healthy and “wellness” properties on our nerve system. Simplified, calcium is the manager of our nerve metabolism. Especially athletes and managers have to be sure, that they are adequately supplied with this mineral to make right decisions in critical situations.


Any more than calcium, magnesium is responsible for our wellbeing. A good amount of magnesium in our organism guarantees a good sleep, soothes and helps to fight against migraines and headaches. Magnesium is the most powerful anti-stress mineral. Unfortunately we have also a huge deficiency of this mineral in our society. As a result we have the following civilization diseases: high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia or strokes. In some studies you can see that people with chronic migraine have far too less magnesium in the cells. We can only recommend you to take care of your magnesium metabolism in your organism.


A high potassium level in our blood will help us to lower blood pressure. The potassium also helps our body perfectly to increase our metabolism and burn body fat even faster. Generally, it is important to know that potassium has a high influence of the provision of energy which we have in our body. If you are always tired and maybe depressed, the reason could be that your organism needs more of this power mineral. Especially with a balanced healthy diet of vegetables and fruits we can resemble the lack of potassium. We hope that we were able to show you on the simply way, how important minerals are in generally for our wellbeing and organism Maybe now you can understand why our high quality and unique oil press cakes are important and an interesting alternative in healthy diets. As you already have seen in the diagram above, our specialty flours are high in minerals in contrast to the wheat flour. A pizza baked with almond flour instead of wheat flour? Why not? It is very tasty! Or to use Prickly pear flour to upgrade your smoothie!? The application and possibilities of oil press cakes are huge and it invites to experiment. Do you love Wiener schnitzel? Let the breading off and instead of wheat flour just use the almond flour. You will be surprised how well the Schnitzel tastes and it is way healthier.

Simply things done well!

We have passion for this products and are confident that these products are the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team anytime. Related articles: OPW floursPrickly pear oil / flour / powderProteins  

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