Market outlook for almond oil: still „no rain“ in California

25. August 2014

140822 Pray for rain1The persistent drought in the west of the USA meanwhile threatened not only the economy and nature. The lack of water weight ensures that the ground increases in height! The Sunshine State California; for a lot of people a holiday paradise. We consider California from another point of view – as one the most important growing area for Walnuts and Almonds! For the past three years there have been no more appreciable rainfalls. In the past 14 years it has been raining all in all, far too little, which has had a devastating impact on this this arid region – the first areas have dried up and are now seriously drought ridden! Where in the past, lakes graced the landscape, one can witness steep shore see today and see merely puddles. In fact, some lakes look like empty bathtubs. More episodes of persistent drought are searing fields, burning forests and a declining groundwater level. Californian researchers currently estimate the resulting loss of water at approximately 240 billion tons, but the amount can’t be estimated accurately. The Western part of the United States consumed the abundant ground water reserves for years and today no one can really say, for how long the remaining reserves will remain to keep the most important growing area for almonds and walnuts alive. The farmers in the Central Valley, California, hope for divine support, but recent studies shows that there is no fundamental change in sight! Past droughts lasted for up to six years! What further impact the ongoing drought will have on the upcoming harvests, can only be quantified when the walnut and almond harvest are brought into the sheds! The current drought may be the foretaste of a very arid and scarious future… Together with its strategic partners FRATELLI PARODI and PARODI NUTRA, the team of OPW Ingredients has timely secured amounts from the European regions of Italy and Spain where the harvests are about to commence. In a separate report we will advise on the European crop developments. Source: Süd Deutsche Zeitung article dated 22nd August 2014Related articles:

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