Mango butter

30. July 2015

INCI name: Mangifera Indica (Mango) seed butter (CTFA)Quality: - refined - refined organic   Mango butter is extracted from the seed of the mango tree. Pressing the hard seeds is very labour-intensive, as their oil content only amounts to 9 – 13%. The main growing regions of the evergreen mango tree, which can grow to a height of 45 cm, are in India, Thailand, Pakistan and Brazil. Due to the high moisture content of mango butter, only very small quantities of the virgin product are available on the market. Most of the product is sold as a raffinate after its moisture content has been reduced. At room temperature, mango butter is solid; it melts in a way similar to cocoa butter. Both melt when applied to the skin, but mango butter is absorbed more quickly than cocoa butter. Mango butter is white or ivory in colour. Its long shelf life makes it a popular choice as a consistency enhancer in many creams. Besides its wound-healing properties, mango butter supports the regeneration of skin cells and has rejuvenating and nurturing capacities. It is a particularly attractive component of many skincare products thanks to Its lipid-regulating effects, which help to balance oil deficits in the skin. In addition to its nurturing characteristics, mango butter also offers sun protection. If you have any questions, the OPW Ingredients team will be happy to assist you as ever – even during the holiday season.

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