Almond and Walnut BLOG

18. September 2014

slider-1Like last year we present the „objective measurement reports and forecasts “ for the current Almond and Walnut crop. USDA 2014 California Almond Forecast USDA 2014 California Walnut Objective Measurement report   In regular intervals all agricultural products are statistically measured by public authorities, which are then drawn and publicized in independent and objective reports. These reports and forecasts are made public by the USDA (United States dept. of agriculture), the National Agricultural Statistics Service and the California Department of Food and Agriculture to give all stakeholders, individual farmers, their cooperatives, interest groups, banks and not least the authorities themselves a most exacting view on the agricultural landscape. The importance of such statistics and objective measurement reports cannot be emphasized enough! Only those who are rightly informed can make right /well-informed decisions for the new plantings and their sales and purchases. Accordingly, the OPW TEAM has prepared timely and has repeatedly advised on the current trends. In our latest Trendcheck we extensively covered this with the following headline: „Almond oil… Why go far away? When the good is so near!” In particular we have highlighted to our business partners that the preparations for the harvest and new plantings for this upcoming 2014/15 crop cycle for Almonds and Walnuts is now in full swing. Jointly with our strategic supply chain partners in the origin we monitor the immediate and longer term effects of the current drought on the global supply and demand (imbalance).For this you may also visit one of our recent BLOGS on this particular theme: „STILL No Rain in California“ The results of specific weather conditions are followed by the USDA on a daily basis. The type, period, duration and volume of precipitation, temperatures and other unexpected weather phenomena have an immediate and very often also a long term impact on the supply and demand and the supply chain as a whole! The CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) has monitored the ongoing drought with extra attention and intensity. To highlight how the CDFA has undertaken its analysis and survey, we have enclosed the following LINK for your perusal: 2014 Almond Drought Report The current market situation has been reported extensively by various national and international media; the individual and direct survey by the CDFA at root/farm level highlights the exact situation and we are pleased to be able to share this with you. For any further questions, you recommendations and requests for quotations we are ready to take your call!

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