Macadamia nut oil – The Oil of the King nut

08. October 2014

INCI-name: Macadamia Integrifolia Seed oil Origin: Australia, Hawaii, South Africa Application: Cosmetic, Pharmacy, food Red wine is not the same as red wine, not each sparkling wine is equal to champagne so not every oil is the same as other oils.   With this Market report we would like to inform you about the Macadamia nut oil, the Oil of the King nut. The Macadamia nut oil is especially a delicacy oil for cooking. Before pressing the nuts are lightly toasted so that the beautiful and gentle aroma can unfold in the oil. The Macadamia nut oil has the biggest amount of mono unsaturated fatty acids of all vegetable oils and a balanced proportion between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty. According to latest medicine acknowledges is especially this proportion crucial, if a human has a high or a low risk for arterial disease. Due to the high Oleic acid (~50%) is the macadamia nut oil more durable than the others. This fact gives the Macadamia nut oil excellent frying properties for food, as it can be heated very high. Macadamianuss_Fett But also in the cosmetics wins the macadamia nut oil more and more in popularity. Due to the high proportion of palmitoleic acid pulls the macadamia nut oil well into the skin and can be also being spread very well. The oil is very regenerative for our skin and also as a natural anti-aging medium. Reason for this is the good fatty acid composition. For the moment we have excellent availability’s for Macadamia nut oil in the qualities native, native organic and refined! If you have any questions regarding this or any other vegetable oils please feel free to contact the OPW Team any time.

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